Frequently Asked Questions

What if we can't find you a vehicle? 

After you submit a request, our experts read through your criteria and do some initial searching. If it seems unlikely we'll find the vehicle you want, we'll be in touch to discuss changing some of the criteria- or potential refund for the amount paid.

I've already found a vehicle- can you do the rest?

Absolutely. If you manage to find a vehicle that you'd like to buy, we can still do the rest of the work regarding HPI Checks, negotiating the price & asking the right questions.

How long does the process take?

We aim to find your vehicle within 48 hours of you submitting the form. Often it is completed within the first 12 hours. In some rare cases it may take longer but we will keep you informed along the way. 

Why would I not find the vehicle myself?

Because we save the time and hassle it takes during searching & speaking to sellers. On average we save £600 from the price of a car, so essentially our service is paid for & you've been saved lots of time & money!