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Established in 1988 as an independent family run garage located in Stockport Manchester. Over the years we've developed our skills & provided more and more services for our customers. If you scroll down you can see everything else we have to offer! 

We're genuine honest people who prioritise our customers experience. Our Reviews & Testimonials often include the phrase "Above & Beyond" for a reason. 

We have a real passion for the motor trade, so our work & vehicle sourcing service is always Top Tier. 

We provide a completely hassle free journey when finding your vehicle. Saving you hours of your free time, and hopefully getting you a discount on the vehicle we find. 

millennium vehicle finders

Vehicle Customisation

At our unit in Manchester, we cater for all vehicle customisation needs. We love to make cars look even better than when they come out the factory!

We offer:


Alloy Refurbs

Caliper Painting

Powder Coating

Vehicle Wrapping

Light & Window Tints

Skirt & Spoiler fitment 

Take a look at some of our transformations! 

Call us on 07464 970884 for any enquiries.

For more examples of our work please visit our Facebook page by clicking the logo.



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Vehicle Detailing 



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With a serious eye for perfection, another one of our passions is making cars extremely shiny. As well as protecting the paintwork with a Ceramic Coating.

We offer:

Machine Polishing 

Interior Deep Cleaning

Ceramic Coating Protection

Take a look at some of our work! 

Call us on 07464 970884 for any enquiries.

For more examples of our work please visit our Facebook page by clicking the logo.

Vehicle Repairs & Tyres

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At our unit in Manchester, we take on all repair work that you may need on a vehicle. Over 50 years combined motor trade experience, trust us to fix & maintain your car!

We offer:





Carbon Cleaning

Suspension Work

Take a look at some of our work.

Call us on 0161 474 7439 for any enquiries.

Visit our other website to see exactly what we can do! 

millennium vehicle finders


In the future we hope that the majority of the public will know of our company brand and we'll be the future of finding vehicles, after all, why bother with the hassle if we'll do it for you.. We know what we can do, and we know that the real winner is the customer as what we do is saving hours of your life, discounts on the vehicle & ensuring your getting a good car. Remember, we at Millennium will do everything we can to keep our customers happy.  

Contact us today to ask us any questions!

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