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"Specialising in finding Vehicles for the UK public"

If your looking for a car, submit a quick, free request below! 

Discover the Number 1 Professional Vehicle Sourcing to Suit All Budgets!

Make your car buying experience hassle free!

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How do we do it?
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-After you've submitted a free request, our experts will have a scan of our sources to check the likeliness of us finding you your vehicle.

-After we have confirmed this with you, you'll receive a short introduction phone call in which we'll ask which package you'd like to go for!

-We'll then send you a link to the payment page to continue with the process.

-Once you have paid for your chosen package, you'll fill out a short questionnaire regarding the vehicle your wanting, in order for us to find the exact one for you.

-Our experts will then spend the necessary time to source your vehicle using our network & resources.

-After we've found a good match, we'll contact you to confirm you're happy with the vehicle.

-We then perform a complimentary RAC HPI Check to confirm everything is completely legit with the vehicle (this will be sent to you).

-Our experts then contact the seller of the vehicle & ask a list of questions regarding the vehicle to ensure it's in good condition as well as the details regarding warranties, payment plans etc.  

-Following this, we then negotiate the price on your behalf. We always do our absolute best to bring the price of the vehicle down for our clients.

-If you choose the inspection package, at this point we'd travel to see the vehicle in person & carry out an in-depth mechanical & bodywork inspection.

-We fill out a report for you on the vehicle and email it over to you. 

-Finally, we'll pass you straight over to the salesman for that specific car to get straight into the process of paying for the vehicle ready to drive away!

We are here to help. Whether that be to find a vehicle, ask about something regarding a vehicle, or advice on an issue with a car that happens 6 months later after buying it.
Customer Service is our top priority
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We know what to ask the seller to ensure it's in good condition. And how to get the best price for the car on your behalf.

"Vehicle Sourcing in the North West is what we do Best"

Passion driven and with over 50 years combined motor trade experience on average we save £600 on vehicle prices, so our service is essentially free!

"We are the best Vehicle Finders in Manchester"

We are expert car finders. We'll save you hours of time & ensure you get a great deal on a car.
If we can't find you a car, a full refund will be issued!

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What do we do? 

At Millennium Vehicle Finders it is our top priority to find you a great deal on the vehicle you've been looking for, whether that be family, luxury, SUV, collectors, supercars, you name it - We'll find it. We offer a range of packages that differ in price depending on how much you'd like us to do.
From searching all over the internet and using our network of people in the motor trade, we can find you the vehicle you're after.

To find out what's included in the packages please click "get started"
Read below for a brief overview.
We source vehicles for you. We find vehicles for you. We do all the hard work when finding a vehicle. We'll do all the question asking, ensuring it is in good condition & sold with the legal right to do so. We source vehicles & negotiate the price for you, to get the best deal possible. 
We specialise in vehicle sourcing, so let us take the stress from you. Sit back, relax, and let us do the rest.

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If you have already found a vehicle, but would like us to do the rest, give us a call!

We are the top vehicle finders 
in the UK

We also have a page dedicated to our top picks for vehicles in all categories.

Trust us to find a vehicle that you want


Our experts are here to make your car buying experience hassle free. Saving you the precious time& money that searching for vehicles often costs you. We are expert vehicle finders.

Our Service costs are usually saved in the deal that we'll get for you on a great car.

It really is a win win for everyone. You are saved hassle & time, while saving money on a great car. The sellers get a much better experience dealing with experts while selling more cars, and we get to do what we love most, looking at great cars while saving you money.

Vehicle sourcing is our expertise. Leave it to us.

We are the best vehicle finders in the UK.

Vehicle finding is what we do best at Millennium Vehicle Finders.


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